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Our happy clients have a lot to say about our Studio!

We know your health is important to you, and managing your metabolism takes a multi-sided approach. You're invested in improving your diet, tailoring your plan to your needs and making exercise a priority. You recognize there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. We believe the same thing. Our philosophy is built around treating each client as an individual, with different needs, specific goals and unique challenges. You're looking for a custom plan that works with your body's physiology to deliver the best results, and we can help you do that.

What We Provide:

Personal coaching from a knowledgeable trainer so you know exactly what exercises to do and how to do them correctly. 

Small Groups of no more than 8 people so you can get individual attention and instruction to prevent injury and reduce overwhelm.

A certified trainer planning your entire workout in advance so you do not have to make any decisions or remember what you did last time.

  • Total body strength training workouts to help you move better, build stability and get stronger safely so you can live a more active lifestyle.

Focus on proper movement and increasing both mobility and flexibility so you can feel less stiff and have less daily pain.

Intentional workout programming that’s never random so you continue to see results and adapt to new challenges that help you achieve your goals.

Positive and friendly environment so you never feel intimidated or uncomfortable.

A warm and welcoming community - no cliques - that makes you look forward to coming to the gym.

Flexible scheduling that fits around your schedule making it easy to make time for your workouts no matter what life throws at you.

A fully customized workout to ensure the exercises you do are appropriate for your fitness level and ability to prevent injury.

Move through the workout at your own pace allowing you to get a great workout regardless of your fitness level or experience.

Training that improves your fitness level and boosts your metabolism making you more fit and healthier.

Hour long workouts that are effective in as little as two sessions a week to help you create a consistent strength training routine that fits into your busy life.

Coaches who care about you, know your name, your interests, hobbies and family life. You’re never just a number to us, you’re a friend.

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