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Your body and your needs are unique, and a "one-sizes-fits" all approach doesn't work.

You need guidance, support, encouragement, and a trainer who understands you.

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    Melanie has been amazing in helping me to lessen my back pain and also to enjoy working out again. Melanie...does her homework and designed an exercise program especially for my particular needs, age, and fitness level.
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    It’s obvious that helping women achieve their fitness goals is a passion for Melanie. She doesn’t act as if this is her job, it’s her life. I think Melanie is the best trainer around & I feel fortunate to be a client
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    Melanie understands that each person needs different goals and exercise plans. Not everyone is a size 2 and can do a 100 burpees or planks on their feet. I like that she doesn’t make me feel embarrassed about my fitness level.