The Holidays Are Coming...

And with them comes tons of treats and sweets, along with a few extra pounds. Add to that more stress, less daylight and colder weather and your "Quarantine 15" might become "Winter 30."  

While we tend to think of the New Year as the time to get healthy and kick start a weight loss program, waiting until 2021 could mean packing on even more pounds to lose later.


It's already been a rough year. The holidays are likely to make things worse for your health and fitness. 


Take Control


The good news is, instead of feeling helpless in the face of the holidays, the coming winter, and the uncertainty of this Pandemic, you can combat all of it by committing to be active every day for 40 days! 

Look, let’s face it. Things are rough. And they won't be getting better soon.  

We don't know what the winter will be like or anticipate how flu season will impact us.

It is very likely that you will want to cope with sugar and lack motivation to exercise. 

Attempting to diet during a normal holiday season doesn't work, and this isn't a "normal" holiday season in any way.  

But that doesn't mean you should give up trying and just eat whatever and sit on the couch. You won't feel any better, and you will probably feel worse.

Take control and combat the stress, uncertainty, cold and darkness with increased activity.

Start the New Year feeling great!

Join the 40 Days of Fitness program now and avoid the holiday weight gain.

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